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The phenomenal success of the Festival of India in the USSR held in 1988 led to the idea of the opening of a full-fledged Indian cultural centre in Moscow. The Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre was opened in 1989 and since then has played a central role in the propagation of Indian culture in Russia.

Given the close friendship and cooperation which has always existed between India and Russia, there is a great interest and admiration in Russia for Indian culture. JNCC fulfills, to a great extent, the demand for learning and knowing more about Indian culture and its multifaceted traditions.
JNCC conducts classes of classical dances, Yoga, Hindi and Tabla by India-based and local Russian teachers. Apart from four India-based teachers, JNCC has many local Russian teachers, most of them having been trained in India in different styles of classical dance. JNCC receives about 800 students every month. It runs over 140 classes every week and is open every day, including weekends.


Apart from the classes held at JNCC, India-based teachers of JNCC also take classes in local Russian universities, institutions and schools. JNCC also interacts on projects of academic collaboration with the Russian academia. From time to time, JNCC also collaborates with voluntary Indian cultural centres running through local initiative in more than fifteen Russian cities. The JNCC looks after the implementation of the Cultural Exchange Programme between India and Russia. It also provides guidance to students who wish to study in India on ICCR scholarships or on a self-financing basis.